About us

Mission, vision and values

The vision of MIONI is to win new markets and become the leader in the Balkans through constant development of production capacities and improvement of product quality

The mission of MIONI is to provide products which meet consumers' requirements, needs and expectations as well as law provisions and other normative documents.

MIONI values are:
  • EXCELLENCE makes us the best
  • INNOVATION helps us to change the world
  • INTEGRITY is firmly established in everything we do
  • We always strive for the greatest ACHIEVEMENTS
  • CARE ABOUT PEOPLE is the foundation of our success

MIONI realizes its established mission by consistent application of the following principles:
  • Focus on consumers with the aim of constantly increasing their satisfaction
  • Care about safety and adequate managing of resources
  • Effective and efficient system of quality management according to the demands of ISO 22000:2005, while observing legal provisions and standards
  • Leadership role of the management in realizing the company's vision
  • Complete involvement of employees with the aim of fully using their productive and creative abilities for their own sake and for the sake of the company
  • Permanent improvement of products, processes and quality management systems
  • Development of mutually useful relations with the deliverers with the purpose of creating additional value for both sides
  • Good production and hygiene practice in the food industry
  • Effective and efficient HACCP system in compliance with the requirements of Codex Alimentarius
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