Untouched nature has given all the exquisite characteristics to Aqua Gala water. The top-quality natural mineral Aqua Gala water comes from the springs near Mionica, located in the very heart of Serbia, an intact eco-system known for its thermal springs of water with medicinal properties.

Mionica spring discovered at the end of the 18th century gives top-quality water thanks to the perennial natural filtration through granite and limestone layers from the slopes of Maljen Mountain. Aqua Gala is pumped from the depth of 200 metres and there is no need for further filtration or chemical treatment. Aqua Gala is bottled in the clean and virgin countryside, at the spring itself, so that it does not lose any of its valuable features. This region's waters can be categorized as waters of medium and low mineralization of up to 500 mg/l and therefore they can be drunk in abundance every day.
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