Aqua Gala

The basic feature of Aqua Gala water is its ideal proportion of calcium and magnesium. This perfect balance of minerals (64mg/l calcium and 29mg/l magnesium) is excellent for the proper development of bones with children while with adults it is good for the heart, reducing the risk of a heart attack and substituting calcium which is depleted due to old age or smoking and other unhealthy habits.

The low content of sodium of only 18mg/l is also very rare and represents a special quality of Aqua Gala water since the great quantity of sodium has a negative influence on the body and increases blood pressure. A large quantity of silicon-dioxide of approximately 20mg/l makes Aqua Gala water extremely beneficial for blood vessels because it keeps their elasticity which is depleted with the passage of time and cholesterol caused by unhealthy nutrition.

The quality of Aqua Gala water is regularly controlled in domestic and foreign laboratories such as: Laboratorio Dr. Oliver Rodes, Barcelona, Spain, Institute for Public Health in Valjevo, City Institute for Public Health in Belgrade as well as in the authorized laboratory Knjaz Miloš.
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