The factory for bottling natural mineral and source water Mioni is situated in the village of Kljuc, Municipality of Mionica, at the foot of Maljen Mountain. In its vicinity there is a winter recreation centre and an air spa. The new modern factory was built in 2007 and it has wells with the capacity of over 20 l/s for filling Aqua Gala water.

The factory is equipped with the most contemporary German technology for water bottling with the capacity 12.000 PET, 1.000 PET balloons and 6.000 bottles per hour in glass packaging, which establishes new quality standards in our market.

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Mioni d.o.o. | Selo Ključ | 14242 Mionica | Serbia | Tel. +381 14 34 23 359 | Fax. +381 14 34 23 361 | office@mioni.rs